Selected teaching experience


1983 – present: Percussion Instructor and Accompanist — Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas.
1990 – present: Young Audiences — Percussion workshops and performances in Dallas public schools, Juvenile Detention Centers, Half-Way Houses, etc.
1986 – present: Arts for People — Music therapy sessions at psychiatric facilities.
1996: Master Class/Residency — National Institute for the Arts, Mexico City, Mexico.
1993: Master percussion class — University of North Texas, Denton, Texas.
1992: Master percussion class — Berklee College of Music, Boston, Massachusetts.
1992: Master percussion classes and three week residency — American University of Cairo, Egypt.
1991: Six-week residency — Stonewall Jackson Elementary School, Dallas, Texas; worked with hearing impaired students. Constructed and learned to play percussion instruments culminating in a performance at the Dallas Museum of Art. Read a review here.
1988 – 1990: Kennedy Center Imagination Celebration: Music Around the World. Children’s program demonstrating musical instruments from various cultures.


Jamal is available for private classes.




Creativity and the Arts in the Classroom


Dear Jamal:


What a terrific summer of programming. Three sessions of “Creativity and the Arts in the Classroom” and three Jamal orchestras made for a full and rewarding three months. The teachers never fail to enjoy and appreciate your presentation. I think so many have never enjoyed music as a participant that it excites them to be part of the experience. Your manner and encouragement enable them to risk participating and to come to the realization that music is accessible to them. Many expressed their gratitude in their remarks following your workshop:


“Wonderful presentation! He taught us so much about percussion instruments simply by participating.” “The opportunity for expression through the percussion was great fun! Lets us see it’s O.K. to make loud sounds too!” “I loved playing the instruments! And having Jamal play for us.” “Excellent!” “Very stimulating.”


Over the four years of your participation with us you have affected a lot of teachers and ultimately thousands of children. We hope that you will continue for many years to be a part of this program. Our best wishes and our thanks.


Warmest regards,


Barbara Nichols
Director, Development & Programs
Northwood Institute Arts Programs