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July 28, 2011

Jamal’s debut cd features ethnic percussion and electronica in an exotic mix of Middle Eastern and Jazz compositions.


Track List:

  1. Ayoub Drum Jam (White Rock Part 1) Darabouka, congas (Thom Cross), gungon (Ed Smith) and tabal (Kenny Grimes)
  2. Amazing Grace Def, talking drum, darabouka, drumKAT, ney and keyboards
  3. Traps Drum set
  4. D’udu in 10/4 DrumKAT and keyboards [audio:http://www.jamalmohamed.com/audio/Dudu_in_10_4.mp3|titles=D’udu in 10/4]
  5. Pele’s Voodoo Conga, ney, and caxixi [audio:http://www.jamalmohamed.com/audio/peles_voodoo.mp3|titles=Pele’s Voodoo]
  6. Bosnia THUNDER, drumKAT, and electronic vibes [audio:http://www.jamalmohamed.com/audio/bosnia.mp3|titles=Bosnia]
  7. Tiebele and her Demon Def, talking drum, darabouka and riq [audio:http://www.jamalmohamed.com/audio/tiebele_and_her_demon.mp3|titles=Tiebele and her Demon]
  8. Thunder and Tiny THUNDER, tiny tabla and tabal [audio:http://www.jamalmohamed.com/audio/thunder_and_tiny.mp3|titles=Thunder and Tiny]
  9. Mysterioso (White Rock Part 2) Darabouka, traps, acoustic bass and def (Buddy Mohmed), congas (Thom Cross), reyong (Ed Smith), tabal (Kenny Grimes) and shakers (Joe Lee) [audio:http://www.jamalmohamed.com/audio/mysterioso.mp3|titles=Mysterioso]
  10. Hamlet’s Ghost Darabouka, THUNDER, ney, tabal, and bongos
  11. Freedom Jazz DrumKAT, THUNDER, keyboards (Kenny Grimes) and electric guitar (Giampierro Scuderi)
  12. Who Knows (White Rock Part 3) Traps, acoustic bass (Buddy Mohmed), congas (Thom Cross), tabal and darabouka (Kenny Grimes), electric guitar (Joe Lee) and vibes (Ed Smith)